Interior and Exterior Detailing

While your car is pretty awesome, it still goes through the grind of weather, travel, and work just like everyone else’s. And while you can clean it through the typical car wash at your local gas station, sometimes it’s important to add a special touch to that vehicle that you’ve poured so much time, money, and effort into.

That’s why detailing can be a great way to go out of your way to wash and improve your car’s cleanliness to help you car really stand out in a parking lot. And Professional PDR – Paintless Dent Removal & Auto Service is the place for all your detailing needs.

What is Detailing?

While many people may think that detailing is just a car wash, it’s actually much more. With detailing, we will use specialized equipment and products to really clean areas where standardized car washes just can’t get to.

Professional PDR can do an exterior detailing and an interior detailing that makes every area of your car shine.

Exterior detailing is done by handwashing your car, claying (which removes residue and impurities that normal detergents can’t), and polishing. We’ll finish by using a shielding paint sealant to help protect the car and minimize surface scratches.

Interior detailing incorporates elements like vacuuming every square inch of your car, a brush and steam cleaning, cleaning all of the glass windows in your car, and leather trimming for any leather surfaces.

We may also be able to do things like headlight polishing, engine detailing, engine pressure cleaning, bumper repair, and glass chip repair.

Regular auto detailing can add value to your car because it helps maintain your car in important ways, and it also makes it look attractive no matter how old it is. So it’s a great investment for the longevity of your car, whether you’re keeping it for the duration of its life, selling it, or hoping to upgrade in a few years.

After a detailing, your car will look, feel, and smell like it did when you first bought it! Call us today at 719-574-5678 to schedule a detailing for you car so that your vehicle can feel refreshed and rejuvenated.