The Risks of Leasing a Car with Wear-and-Tear Fees

While leasing a car can be a great way to save money without having to outright purchase a car, leasing can come with its own risks. Most leases come with wear-and-tear fees to protect from damages incurred on the car while you drive it, and these fees vary depending on the lease agreement.

Typically, these wear-and-tear agreements are limited to a total of three months’ lease payments. That means that for a lease agreement of $350 a month, you’d be paying $1,050 on wear-and-tear fees if something gets damaged on the car during your lease. The more the monthly payment, the more the wear-and-tear fees.

Repair Dents or Dings in a Leased Car at Low Cost

Even if you’re the most responsible of car drivers, life sometimes happens. Storms can hit, kids can get a little too rowdy, or an accident can come out of nowhere. If you get some dings or dents on your leased car through hail damage, an accident, or other incident, you’re going to have to pay those wear-and-tear fees!

So why not use a little money to repair those dents so that later on you don’t get a big headache having to spend hundreds and hundreds—sometimes thousands—of dollars at the dealership when you need to turn your leased car in?

If you’re not able to keep your leased car pristine, let Professional PDR – Paintless Dent Removal & Auto Service help you find an affordable solution. We can offer affordable dent repair options that will save you thousands and make sure that your leased car looks brand new for your dealership.

Call 719-574-5678 today with any questions, and Professional PDR will be able to give you a free same day estimate on how much it might cost to repair your car!