Automotive Paintless Dent Repair 

Has your vehicle fallen victim to a damaging hail storm or fender bender? Or maybe just a shopping cart dent and ding? Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the art of removing dents, dings, creases, large dents, and auto hail damage from cars, trucks, or SUVs without the need for repainting or refinishing.

Paintless dent repair is now the preferred method of auto body repair for many common dings and dent repairs, and it’s much more cost effective than having a traditional automotive body shop try to repair damage by sanding, filling, and repainting your car.

In fact, in most cases you can save hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and the cost can often be covered by your insurance. With our mobile service, we can offer free dent repair inspections at your home or office. It’s that easy and simple to get your car evaluated, then repaired with Professional PDR – Paintless Dent Removal & Auto Service.

Free Auto Hail Repair Inspections

If your car has been through one of our famous Colorado hailstorms, we can offer a free assessment and evaluation so that you can know what to expect. One of our specialists will come to your home or office to asses the damage, and we can usually offer a 1-3 day turnaround on repairs depending on the amount of hail damage.

Free Paintless Dent Repair Estimates

If you have a ding or dent, Professional PDR can come look at it free of charge to give you a same day estimate on what it will cost. Usually, repairs can take 1-3 hours. Depending upon the specialist’s skill and reputation, you should expect to pay anywhere from $45 for a one-inch dent up to $120 for a two-inch dent, but location and depth of dent are most important when factoring cost, so each evaluation will be personalized for the condition surrounding your damage.

Dent or Hail Damage Insurance Claims Assistance

Insurance can be a hassle to deal with, so we can help walk you through the process so that you can save the most amount of money on a dent repair or hail damage. Don’t hesitate to ask for our assistance. Many repairs can be completely free of charge to you the vehicle owner if you go through your auto insurance provider.

Contact Professional PDR – Paintless Dent Removal & Auto Service today! You can call 719-574-5678 to get a free same day estimate on the damage. And remember—we can come to you!