Let Us Repair Your Car’s Hail Damage & Door Dings

What Can I Do If My Car Has Experienced Hail Damage in Colorado Springs?

Hail season in Colorado. Professional PDR – Paintless Dent Removal & Auto Dent Removal Service knows that hail isalways a major bummer throughout Colorado Springs’ summer season, with danger of hail usually peaking in June but with storm outbreaks that can sometimes last from May into August every summer. Hail can wreck the exterior of your car in ways that it isn’t easy to cope with–leaving ugly, permanent damage on your beloved vehicle. In some cases, the damage can cause complete ruin and wreckage. And we all know that damage can wreck both the value and the appearance of your car.

Overall, Colorado was lucky not to have a lot of hail in 2019. We had a few larger storms out east and in the Black Forest area, but we didn’t have a lot of damage. However, 2018 was a pretty devastating summer for hail storms, and people are still getting their cars fixed from hail damage done from that time period. Whatever if you story, hail damage is never fun.


How Can I Fix Door Dings and Dents On My Car?

While hail is a major danger, we also know that basically any driving can cause minor or major dings to your vehicle–at no fault of yours! If you have ever driven behind a semi-truck or other car, you know that one stray rock or any sort of item that has fallen off another vehicle or been kicked up by a car’s tires can spin into your’s and cause ugly denting of your car’s exterior.

Unfortunately, a lot of car damage can’t be controlled. Stuff happens, no matter how much you try to protect and avoid situations that cause damage to your vehicle. Weather, other cars, and unseen items on the road can all bring untimely car dings and dents.


What Can I Do If I Have Car Damage From Hail or Rocks in Colorado Springs?

But what you cancontrol is your choice of service when something unpredictable happens to your vehicle. If you’ve been unlucky enough to experience hail damage or a door ding to your vehicle at any time, Professional PDR – Paintless Dent Removal & Auto Dent Removal Service can help!

Professional PDRhasbeen helping cars with hail damage and door dings without the traditional way of replacing huge areas of your car or taking your car into a body shop for sanding, repainting, and other costly methods of restoration. We are a mobile dent repair company that can cometo youto remove hail damage or door dings at a reasonable cost that is much lower than the average body shop.

Contact Professional PDR – Paintless Dent Removal & Auto Dent Removal Service today with any concerns and questions! We’ll get your car back looking shiny and new in no time.



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